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Family Album


Remember always being able to open the family photo album and look at the past.

Can you do that now?

It's time to share the memories!

The time is now to secure your valuable data.

The time is now to share the images you have been collecting for the last few decades.

The time is now to leave a legacy before it's too late and your data is lost.

What We Do:

  • Organize your media:  digital photos and video

  • Teach you how to keep your files in order.

  • Help you choose what to keep and what to delete.

  • Convert your old media to digital: paper photos, videotapes or film.

  • Create movies of your videos and photos.

  • Create family albums: "hard copy" "coffee table books".  

  • Teach you how to create your own videos.

  • Share your memories with your family and friends.

Is this service expensive?

Ultimately, No. We think it's worth it to be able to secure and share your memories easily with family and friends!

It is very time consuming in the initial stages.  But, it does get easier once you get into the flow of organizing your data every month or so...

Is it hard to do?

Well, it takes practice.  We have years of experience, and will teach you how to organize your data better for working with us or others in the future.

Is there music with the videos?

Maybe.  We think that the sounds that are part of your videos are meaningful: crickets chirping, background conversations, bacground music, etc.  When we edit, we listen close to the audio you captured and find some amazing gems.  Music overtop of these would lose the intimacy of your videos.

We can show you how put music to your videos after you get them back which will also make it possible for "royalty free" music. Sites like youtube may flag certain music if you do upload it to the web.


G, PG, R and X. Discretion is a priority.  You may not want your young kids, or parents, or grandparents, to see certain videos (until they are ready - or never).  As we sort through the memories you may want create movies with ratings so you know which movies you want share with which people. 


"My Dad has had an iPhone for many years and just kept upgrading and transferring his photos from phone to phone. He literally had thousands of pictures and video on his phone.  We got his pictures off the phone and many of them were "live photos" (3 second video attached). Paul turned them into amazing movies that we all loved to see!"

Kelly P.


Daddy's flown across the ocean / Leaving just a memory / A snapshot in the family album / Daddy, what else did you leave for me?

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