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OneWheel GT



Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Riders.
Call or Text 808-651-3452.

Get in the FLOW.

Onewheel Kauai
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OneWheel LESSONS! (No rentals)


Lessons or 1.5 hour ride/tour 

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Riders.  

Use our board = $100 per hour.

Get in the FLOW. You get to ride a Onewheel XR or GT. 1 hour in a safe area with pavement, grass, a fun trail and Instructor. Loads of fun! You wear a helmet and wear wrist guards (required). Bring'em or we supply.

Discount for multiple sessions.  Training includes: street, trails, banks, drops, STYLE.

Ride/Tour is approximately 1.5hrs or 5-13 miles. ​ 


Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Riders Lessons:

You Bring your own board = $50 per hour

1 hour in a safe area with pavement, grass,

a fun trail and Instructor.

You Bring your board (XR or Pint), bring a helmet (required) and wrist guards recommended. 

 Discount for multiple lessons. 

You will get a workout after 30-60 minutes! 

We will not go out in the hard rain or mud for our safety.

Lebanon, Ohio. Onewheel Lessons and Tours Specific movements for awesome outcomes.

PC shares his knowledge of how to ride and also shares some secret  "pre-groomed" spots. With calm serene flow, PC leads you to balanced performance. From pavement to dirt trails in the woods, he escorts you to land riding nirvana, a synthesis of pleasure and soul on a onewheel. PC's tips help you be fluid with controlled speed across multifaceted terrain.

Learn some breathing techniques and movements that one might call: yogic riding.  Specific movements for awesome outcomes.


PC is is an extreme Onewheel rider based Kauai for the last 25 years and origianlly from Lebanon, Ohio. He has been riding Onewheel both on and off road and logged over 6000 miles. PC will provide you with all necessary tips to get you comfortable on the Onewheel. In no time you will be riding like a pro! PC has been skateboarding for 30 years, surfing for 25, and moonlights as a waterskier, wake boarder, skier, indo-boarder, long boarder and snowboarder.  Crushing "Nature Trails" is his favorite past time.

PC is the president of Save Our Seas Hawaii (SOS), a K-12 marine science teacher, boat captain, PADI Divemaster, and has worked as a scientific diver with the University of Hawai'i establishing Marine Protected Areas with the University of Hawai’i. PC specializes in infant care, coral reef adventures and outdoor education.



Explore in style on a Onewheel.  A unique experience!
Onewheel is easy to ride on almost any terrain: tropical trails, grass, bike paths =  on and off-road exploring in style.  It's an electric all terrain “skateboard" that’s self balancing and can handle dirt, grass, sand, gravel and pavement!  Onewheel will bring you to places you would not normally see! Walking (biking, skating, etc) will never be the same -  Let's ride! 
We decided to only use only Onewheel +XR. Longer battery life = Longer rides. 12-18 miles, a major upgrade from the existing Onewheel+’s 6-8 mile range. Charges in 60 min and over 15-18 miles of ride time depending on how you ride. The XR features increased power, torque and higher performance for all riders.
The board is capable of going at least 19 mph (recommended 5-13 mph) and traveling up to 18 miles on a single charge.  Speed is controlled by sensors under your feet.  
Dynamic stabilization - hands-free, "lean-to-go" control allows you to carve smooth heel and toe turns on and off road. Apply pressure to your front foot, the board speeds up, release pressure or lean back and the board slows down and goes in reverse also (no remote control)!
Self-balancing thanks to internal sensors. The internal hub motor is the only moving part, = extreme durability and tons of power. Regenerative braking helps keep its charge, Road-legal with LED head and brake lights integrated into the board. 
Experience the same sensations you feel on fresh powder in the mountains, or surfing some tasty waves.  It’s hard to describe Floating and Carving -  it feels like you’re riding a board that is equal part snowboard, surfboard, skateboard and hover board. (not the cheap plastic toys that catch on fire). 
Onewheel+ XR connects to the Onewheel App, available on iPhone and Android, allowing Digital Shaping as well as recording and sharing rides with friends. 
GEAR UP FOR FUN and ADVENTURE! No limits here, just a pure fun and STOKE! It’s all in the FLOW!  FLOAT THROUGH LIFE

Cosmic Spunk

Cosmic Spunk

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