BCX Ultra Foot Bath - Detox - Titanium Footplates

BCX Ultra Foot Bath - Detox - Titanium Footplates

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The Ultra Footbath produces Ozone in a detoxification solution. 

The Ultra Footbath can be used with or without a BCX Ultra , which provides extended built-in programs and the ability to create custom programs. With a BCX Ultra, other BCX Ultra Accessories can be used at the same time with their frequencies and pulses synchronized. 

Detoxification through the largest organ of the body, the skin, can be traced back thousands of years to Eastern Indian traditions of Ayurvedic medicine, and ancient Rome. Both cultures used a system of healing that employed salt water baths to draw out impurities from the body. Today, we build on this time-tested principle of healing through salt water baths and incorporate ionization. 

Through sophisticated quality instruments, like the BCX Ultra Foot Bath, we too can achieve the health benefits like our ancestors, yet in a shorter period of time, and often with dramatic results. Our feet have over 7200 nerve endings and 200 sweat glands along with a system of many arteries and veins which cross paths in the feet. These factors make the feet a natural gateway for the disposal of waste products. 

Detoxification through Foot Baths assists the body to:
*Excrete heavy metals
*Reduce inflammation
*Balance pH levels
*Enhance the immune system  

BCX Ultra Foot Bath instrument is the most advanced ionic foot bath on the market today. It is designed for healthcare professionals and clinics, yet user friendly and suitable for home use. It can be utilized as a stand-alone unit, or interfaced with the BCX Ultra. This is the only unit in the world that has the capability to interface the time-honored tradition of foot baths with the power of Rife frequencies. Incredible, but true! Enjoy a foot bath while running detox frequencies on the BCX Ultra. These complementary therapies provide a means to disgorge toxins thereby diminishing the herxes. 

The BCX Ultra Foot Bath is available with stainless steel or premium titanium electrodes. Standard electrodes produce the characteristic scum and discolored water, typical of foot bath units. The noticeable change in the color of the water is not detoxified cellular waste and impurities. This is a misconception. It is a result of oxidized metals released from stainless steel electrodes during electrolysis. Our premium, titanium electrodes, exclusive to the BCX Ultra Foot Bath, practically eliminates the discharge of oxidized metals. The result…. foot bath water remains relatively free of unwanted heavy metals. After all, do you want to absorb metals, the very toxins you are trying to excrete? 

Capitalize on your largest detoxification pathway- the skin. Rebalance the body; relieve muscle strain, and increase performance and quality of life. 

Proudly made and serviced in the U.S.A. We offer one of the best warrantees in the business, by the longest lived manufacture of Rife equipment!


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Model: BCX Ultra Footbath

Type   Ionization Device
Application   Standalone or Connects to BCX Ultra Auxiliary connector through a cord
Powered by 120-240VAC 50/60Hz Household Power
Configuration   Alternating, Floating
Energy type   Ozone
Duty Cycle,
& Gate with
BCX Ultra
Modes of Operation Variable Duty Cycle 1 to 100%
Pulse Width Modulation
Square Drive Frequencies
  Waveform Type Squarewave, Pulsewidth
  Range 1 to 10,000 Hz
  Resolution 1.0000 to 9.9999 Hz (0.0001 Hz)
10.000 to 99.999 Hz (0.001 Hz)
100.00 to 999.99 Hz (0.01 Hz)
1,000.0 to 9,999.9 Hz (0.1 Hz) and 10,000 Hz
1 Individual
Programs with BCX Ultra   1236 Internal non-volatile (User re-nameable)
255 User non-volatile (Completely configurable including name)
Timer   1 to 60 Minutes
Shutoff   Auto Shutoff or Manual
Power Output   24 VDC @ 2.0 Amps