High Power Plasma Carrier Modulator - connects to Ultra

High Power Plasma Carrier Modulator - connects to Ultra

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The BT-HFPCM2 is a High Power Plasma Carrier Modulator. 

The Plasma Beamtube produces light and electrical energy at Single and Multiple Frequencies, with or without Carrier Frequencies up to 4 MHz. 

The BT-HFPCM2 is used with and requires a BCX Ultra , which provides built-in programs and operational controls. Other BCX Ultra Accessories can be used at the same time with their frequencies and pulses synchronized. 

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Instructions for Operation 

1. Plug the BT-HFPCM2 into an AC wall outlet with the supplied power cord

2. Plug the supplied cord from the rear of the BCX Ultra

3. Power on the BCX Ultra and select a program

4. Select Aux, or Aux with another BCX Ultra Accessory

5. Run a BCX Ultra Program

6. Press Pause to Pause or Continue

7. Auto Shutoff at the end of the program, if selected